Are you as healthy and happy as you want to be?

We all have areas of our health that we wish were a little bit different. Maybe you have some weight you want to lose, maybe your cholesterol is a bit too high, maybe you want to start eating better, or maybe you just want to feel healthier and happier! What's stopping you? Not enough time, not sure where to begin? For whatever reason, we all have goals that we haven't reached, and now is the time to take action! By taking simple steps, you can be profoundly healthier and happier in just six months!

How can I really make lasting changes in just six months?

Most traditional health programs involve a list of foods to eat, exercises to do, and pills to take. Is this really a sustainable solution to living a healthy and happy life? As a health coach, I offer a program that is centered around helping you get the results YOU want, not what I think you need. After completing my program, you will be left with a fundamental change in relating to your health, and the improvements will come naturally, not by consulting a diet plan.

Will I really be able to maintain my goals after six months?

We do not relate to our health in a very useful manner in our busy society today. We have separated ourselves from our health, from exercise, and from food. It is no longer a part of who we are, rather it has become a task we must accomplish. We struggle to find time to work out, to cook at least one meal a day, to do something that relaxes us. We live unhealthy lives and try to squeeze healthy habits into our schedules. When you receive a diet plan, or a forbidden food list, you are still trying to adapt healthy habits into an unhealthy lifestyle, and inevitably the habits fade away. After completing my program, you will be better equipped to relate to your health on a very personal level, and the ability to LIVE Healthy, LIVE Happy, and LIVE now will propel your results for the rest of your life!

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